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The villages of Naxos
Agia Anna village
taverns | café | accommodation
The scenic tourist coastal settlement of Agia Anna has a wood of cedars surrounding the beautiful and exotic beach. Toward the end of the beach there is a small jetty for small tourist and fishing boats to moor ...
mini-market | pharmacy | 6.3 km from naxos town
Agios Arsenios village
taverns | café
Agios Arsenios is named after the chapel which still stands, that was built there before the creation of the village which is built on the slopes of two hills separated by a river. To date, the village has about 1,000 inhabitants ...
7.2 km from naxos town
Agios Prokopios village
taverns | café | accommodation
The coastal tourist resort of Agios Prokopios is situated some 5.7 kilometres from the town of Naxos (Chora). It is located at the centre of the western coast of the island, in a lovely natural environment along three salt pans ...
mini-market | pharmacy | 5.7 km from naxos town
Apeiranthos village
taverns | café | limited accommodation
Apeiranthos village is, indeed, the jewel of Naxos. It has retained its authenticity and this is apparent in every step you take, in every alley you walk, wherever you see. This is so not just for the village but also for its proud inhabitants ...
mini-market | pharmacy | 25 km from naxos town
Apollonas village
taverns | café | accommodation
Apollonas village is a settlement on Naxos’s northeastern coast about 36km from the island's capital (Chora). It is a beautiful fishing village which has been inhabited since antiquity, probably on account of the marble quarry ...
mini-market | pharmacy | 36 m from naxos town
Damarionas village
Damarionas is a traditional village on Naxos. The village is considered mountainous although it is only at an altitude of 230 meters. It is a beautiful settlement built on the south side of the sunny Tragea valley ...
16 km from naxos town
Eggares village
taverns | café | limited accommodation
Eggares (or Egares) is a small farming village in the midst of a fertile plain just a few kilometers north of Hora (Chora – Naxos town). Most of its 200 permanent residents are farmers ...
mini-market | pharmacy | 8 km from naxos town
Filoti village
taverns | café | limited accommodation
One of the most famous and beautiful villages of the island is Filoti in the Tragea region, which is well-known for its olive groves and little Byzantine churches, both of which are also found in the village ...
mini-market | pharmacy | 18 km from naxos town
Galanado village
taverns | café | no accommodation
The small village is built on a slope in amphitheatric fashion with fantastic views of the lush valley of Livadi and of Hora, the capital, further beyond. The village is said to derive its name from the Latin word galant ...
mini-market | 5 km from naxos town
Galini village
taverns | café | limited accommodation
During the evening, Galini is true to its name, very peaceful, quite a contrast with the other more tourist prone locations. A great choice for those who want to eat well, spend less and take it easy ...
mini-market | pharmacy | 6 km from naxos town
Glinado village
taverns | café | limited accommodation
Glinado is a farming village established around 1650AD and is built on the slopes of a mountainside at an elevation of about 100m, offering a vista to the green fields below. It is 6km south of Naxos town, with a population of about 500 inhabitants ...
6 km from naxos town
Halki village
taverns | café | accommodation
Halki village, the former capital of Naxos island, located in the island's centre, in the central area of the fertile valley of Tragea. It is at a distance of only 16 km Naxos Town and its unique architecture reveals its glorious past ...
mini-market | pharmacy | 16 km from naxos town
Keramoti village
taverns | café
Keramoti is located right at the centre of Naxos Island at Stavros Keramotis (Keramoti cross), which is the largest intersection of rural roads on the island, roughly 25km from main town Chora (Naxos town). ...
25 km from naxos town
Kinidaros village
taverns | café
Kinidaros is located very close to the centre of Naxos island, about 15km east of main town Chora (Naxos town) at an altitude of 400m. It is situated next to the island’s marble quarry surrounded by olive, plane and oak trees and ...
15 km from naxos town
Komiaki (Koronida) village
taverns | café
The mountainous village of Koronida (or Komiaki) is at the northern part of Naxos and can be reached either by the village of Apollonas or by the village of Koronos. Its name is derived from the ancient settlement of ...
34 km from naxos town
Koronos village
taverns | café | no accommodation
Koronos is one of the oldest settlements in northeastern Naxos which first appears in written records c.1200 AD. It is one of the 56 municipalities into which Marco Sanudo (1153-1227), the first Venetian Duke ...
mini-market | pharmacy | 27 km from naxos town
Kourounochori village
taverns | café
Kourounochori is a small village built on the slopes of a mountainside with much greenery around it, situated in the heart of Naxos. Time seems to have passed and left this village untouched. It is one of four beautiful villages in the ...
8 Km from naxos town
Lionas village
taverns | café | no accommodation
Lionas is the seaport of Koronos which is a nearby village at a distance of approximately 10km via asphalt road. It is a very picturesque seaside settlement in northeastern Naxos with access to it either through Koronos village ...
mini-market | pharmacy | 34 km from naxos town
Melanes village
taverns | café
Melanes is one of Naxos’s most ancient settlements, a mountain style village at an altitude of just 63 meters, built in amphitheatric fashion on the slope of a hill overlooking fertile valley with the same name offering good scenery ...
8 km from naxos town
Messi village
no tourist amenities
Messi is a small, quaint village in the north-eastern area of the island situated 43km from Chora (Hora – Naxos town), on the main road between Skado and Apollonas. ...
43 km from naxos town
Moni village
taverns | café
Moni is located centre of Naxos Island at an altitude of 500m which rewards visitors with great views of the central Tragea plateau. On a clear day you can even spy the sea. The village is built amphitheatrically on both sides of the central cobble-stoned street, surrounded by lush greenery and countless olive trees ...
18 km from naxos town
Moutsouna village
taverns | café | limited accommodation
Moutsouna is in fact the port of Apeiranthos. In recent years it has begun to develop as a tourist resort of some note on Naxos Island. This is partly due to the picturesque coves and the natural beauty of the whole South-Eastern coast ...
37 km from naxos town
Potamia village
taverns | café
Potamia is a traditional village set on a hillside overlooking a wonderfully lush and cool valley with a population of 300 inhabitants. It is dotted with monuments of Naxos’ rich history and its economic and cultural past ...
9 km from naxos town
Sagri village
taverns | café
The name Sagri is a corruption of Sainte Croix (French for Holy Cross – or Timios Stavros in Greek), as the nearby monastery carries a French name, it is one of many sights in the region ...
12 km from naxos town
Skado village
taverns | café
The mountainous village Skado is right after the village of Koronos on the eastern road axis of Stavros Keramoti - Apollonas. The few houses that host its 120 inhabitants are in between lush vegetation and the village offers fantastic views of ...
34 km from naxos town
Tripodes (Vivlos) village
taverns | café | limited accommodation
Tripodes also known as Vivlos is one of the largest and most picturesque villages in southwestern Naxos with its characteristic windmills. It is on the road to the south-west beaches of the island, about 9km from Chora ...
pharmacy | 8 km from naxos town
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