Glinado village

With a fertile valley and a magnificent view at its feet
Glinado village, Naxos

Glinado is a farming village established around 1650AD and is built on the slopes of a mountainside at an elevation of about 100m, offering a vista to the green fields below. It is 6km south of Chora (Naxos town), with a population of about 500 inhabitants and is one the three villages that share the fertile Livadi valley in their midst. The valley extends from the coast to the hills and is the largest in the southwest on the island. The villages are collectively named Livadochoria (Plain’s villages derived from the word livadi = plain).

About 500m before you reach the village, you will see the oldest of sights in the Glinado area, the arched-roofed, single-aisle church of Agii Saranta. The church once belonged to the Xiropotamos monastery of Mount Athos. The lintel above the door at the entrance to the building bears the date 1638 predating the village itself.

There is a striking church at the entrance to the village built in 1990, dedicated to Agios Nikodemos, which celebrates on July 13 and 14. Of course the feast in the village square includes live traditional music and good food.

The village of Glinado has limited accommodation options, several rooms to let and two hotels, some good taverns and a sufficient shopping selection.

Glinado features flat roofed island-style houses (Cycladic houses) and offers panoramic views with incredibly beautiful sunsets. Particular features of the rich flora of the valley are the reeds that divide the various properties; these offer protection from the strong winds and provide shade in the summer months.

The main occupation of the locals is cattle-breeding and agriculture, mainly the potato crop. Close by, in the region of Iria, visitors can also visit the sanctuary of Dionysus, an ancient monument dedicated to the god of wine, who according to the Greek mythology, lived on Naxos. Glinado village is close to the popular beaches of Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna.

Glinado is on the main road that connects Chora (Naxos town) along with the other two Livadochoria, namely Agersani and Tripodes as well as with the rest of the southwestern section of Naxos. The nearest village is Galanado.

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