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Athens International Airport (ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS)


The new Athens International Airport is located 27 km northeastern of Athens and can be rapidly accessed via a six-lane motorway and public transport - express airport bus on a 24 h basis - from Athens center and the port of Pireas.

Airport Access

Located 27km northeastern of Athens, the new Athens International Airport, is accessible via Attiki Odos, a six-lane motorway constituting the Athens City Ring Road. Public transport is provided by express airport bus connections with Athens center and the port of Piraeus on a 24 h basis, ensuring efficient transport of air travelers and facilitating linkage to key tourist attractions.

Future developments such as the Suburban Rail, to be completed in 2003, in combination with the existing sections and the extensions under construction of the Attica Metro network will further improve airport access and enhance intermodality.

Athens International airport Eleftherios Venizelos

Arriving at the airport

By Bus: There are three bus itinereries dedicated to carry passengers to and from the airport.

Express Line E94: Ethniki Amina - Airport

Line E94: connects the Ethniki Amina Metro Station with the Airport. Passengers can transfer from the Metro line to the Airport Bus at this departure point.

Route From Ethniki Amina From the Airport
First 06:00 06:40
Last 24:00 23:20
Frequency Every 16' (06:00-20:30) Every 16' (06:40-21:05)
  Every 25'-30' (20:30-24:00) Every 25'-30' (21:05-23:20)

Express Line E95

Line E 95: Syntagma Square - Airport Express has its departure point at the center of Athens (Syntagma Square) and via Vas. Sofias Avenue, Mesogion Avenue and Attiki Odos terminates at the airport.

From Syntagma From the Airport
Every 25' (06:00-19:50) Every 25' (06:30-21:20)
Every 25' (19:50-06:00) Every 25'-30' (21:20-23:35)
  Every 15'-20' (23:35-01:30)
  Every 30'-35' (01:30-06:30)

Express Line E96

Line E96: Pireaus - Airport Express starts from the center of Pireaus (Karaiskaki Square) and via Posidonos Avenue, Varis-Varkizas, and Varis-Koropiou Roads terminates at the airport.For Express Lines E94-E95-E96, the ticket costs 1.000 GRD (Euro 2.93) and is valid for 24 hours on all public transport means (buses, trolley-buses and metro). The monthly ticket cards are also valid on the above three lines and cost 12.000 GRD (Euro 32.21). For those meeting certain requirements, a discounted monthly card is also available for 6.000 GRD (Euro 17.60).

Arriving buses disembark passengers at the designated area of the departure level of the Main Terminal Building.

From Pireas From the Airport
Every 20' (05:00-19:00) Every 20' (07:00-20:45)
Every 30' (19:00-20:30) Every 25' (20:45-22:05)
Every 40' (20:30-05:00) Every 40' (22:05-06:00)
  Every 30' (06:00-07:00)


Featuring approximately 4,800 parking spaces for short and long term parking, situated in front of the main terminal, as well as taxi and car rental services, the new Athens International Airport has been designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of a modern airport.

The facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art variable message signs, providing continuously information on parking vacancy.

Particular emphasis has been given for passengers with mobility problems, for which adequate parking facilities are provided adjacent to the Main Terminal Building.

Arriving at the airport

By Tourist Bus: Tourist buses will disembark their passengers at the designated area of the departure level.

By Taxi Taxis will be unloading the passengers on the designated areas of the departure level at the main terminal. Final prices for getting to/from the airport have not yet been defined. Still, the tariff to the airport is single and not double.

Departing from the airport

By Bus: All buses depart from the designated area on the inner curbside of the arrivals level of the Main Terminal Building exactly outside the Schengen Exit (doors 4-5)

By Tourist Bus: Tourist buses will embark their passengers from the tourist bus parking area adjacent to the north part of the Main Terminal Building.

By Taxi: The taxi queue will start from Door 4 of the Arrivals Level and extend up to Door 1.

By Chartered Taxi: The chartered taxis will park and collect their clients on the outer side of the inner curb.

Limousine: Limousines will park and collect their clients form Door 1 of the arrivals level on the outer side of the inner curb.

By Car: Private cars can use the outer curbside of the arrivials level for embarkation. Extensive signage is available on the Attiki Odos for the junctions leading to the southern suburbs, and the rest of the destinations.

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