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Naxos yachting

Naxos yachting, boats for rental

Picture yourself on a sailing yacht… A warm salty breeze in your hair and an occasional fine mist of cooling sea water spraying you as you tour the Small Cyclades. Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Antiparos and the other Cyclades following the coastal routes or not…, while cruising on your own yacht charter travelling the Aegean Sea and stopping over at any beach that takes your fancy to enjoy swimming on your much deserved holidays.

Panteleos Mini Yachts, Naxos
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Naxos Yachting tours and motorboat rentals on Naxos. Motorboats available with or without a captain ...
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Naxos yachting

This is all possible either with your immediate family or even with a small group at a surprisingly affordable price! It is, after all, the most "lavish" of all the activities on Naxos.

The cost of hiring a yacht for your private pleasure or even combining it with business or events for a day cruise, complete with captain and privately crewed, is not something only the rich and famous can do. Ask the captain and you may even get the chance to learn a little about sailing and navigation and play the part of skipper for a day.

A fairly wide variety of cruises are available, especially in season but make sure you get in touch with a broker for the rental and any terms that will have to be honored. Usually, these terms come with full service but are readily negotiable if you have a skipper’s license. No compromises are made in matters of safety and security, leaving you free to concentrate on capturing photos of your unforgettable holidays around the islands.

You can board a ship at Piraeus port or Rafina port and travel to the island where you will board your yacht rental, or you can board your boat at some other designated marina close to Athens.

Whether it be sailing yacht, catamaran or motorboat, your marine adventure is both easy and affordable in Greece.

Naxos island yachting

About Naxos day cruises

A holiday out of the ordinary is now possible on Naxos island as daily exploration voyages start early in the morning from the port of Naxos Town, with each modern Poseidon on board, in search of new shores. And, although such activities used to be for the rich and famous till a decade ago, nowadays, Naxos cruises (and other Cycladic cruises) are quite cheap.

Naxos sailing price per person varies depending on the season, the boat, the services offered, the tour and the company. They may start from 50 euros per person, offering price reduction for children. Special offers are also available, especially for repeating customers.

Travel with a crewed Naxos yacht charter

Most Naxos day cruises are offered with crewed yachts and for a good reason. The Aegean Sea, in all its beauty, is quite windy and wavy and requires certain skills from the captains that will sail it. The more experienced the captain the safer the passengers.

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The highlights of Naxos

The beaches of Naxos

The secluding beaches of Naxos

More than 30 beaches !!!

Yes, it is true. The island of Naxos offers the greatest variety of beaches you could ever hope to find & endless opportunities for explorations.

The villages of Naxos

The traditional villages of Naxos

Traditional or modern Naxos villages, inhabited or abandoned, one thing is for sure, you won't ever get bored.

The various activities

Naxos activities

A wide variety of activities during your holiday

Taste new experiences during your holiday on Naxos. You may enjoy surfing, walking, snorkelling, sailing, horseback riding, cooking and so many more ...

Family holidays on Naxos

Naxos holidays

Naxos is mostly a family destination. It is ideal for families with small children.

Top Naxos Beaches Photos

The best beaches of Naxos
Naxos.net friends have selected the most wonderful photos of Naxos beaches. Have fun ...

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