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Portara, Naxos

Section: Sightseeing | Posted: July 9, 2015

Portara – It is the biggest bloody doorway I have ever seen! These guys were trying to impress and they have surely succeeded! Those are single pieces that weigh many tons each. You just have to ask yourself how the heck these guys moved this stuff around for miles??!!

Just thinking about it makes my back ache…, the quarry is miles from this site and the statues up at Apollonas and Melanes were probably destined for this temple.

The site is great, especially with a low sun. They probably chose it to so visitors would see it first, so I suppose what they wanted was to project their power. Why else go to so much trouble to make everything so massive?

It is the first thing to see as the boat approaches the port of Naxos. You can’t miss it. To get a good idea of its actual size it is best to go up, stand next to it (as close as possible) and the try to look up. It will make you feel really small, tiny. It has successfully withstood the test of time in all its grandeur.

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