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The towers of Naxos

More than 20 towers exist on Naxos Island, as a reminder of the island’s glorious history. Most have been built by the local noble families in strategically important locations. Only a few are operational in our days, serving either as museums or as houses. The rest are in desperate need of restoration.

The beginnings of the construction of towers on the island dates back to the end Middle Ages. However, towers were being built even as late as the 19th century. As a result, their architectural influences and the construction methods used are very different.

The towers of Naxos are a reminder of the island’s prosperity and turbulent past. They were built at times when piracy was at its highlight, posing a serious threat to the rich families and to the entire population of the island. As a result, their imposing positions served as an indication of its power to any potential intruders but at the same time they provided the ability to alert the entire island of an oncoming pirate invasion, in a very short time.

The towers and castles of Naxos
Agia tower
in ruins | 28 km from naxos town
Nearly 28 km from Naxos Town on the way to Apollonas village, or 6 km from Apollonas village to Chora, Agia Tower over-watches the Aegean Sea. The tower is about 150m after the monastery of Panagia. It belonged to the noble family of ...
Bazeos tower
in excellent condition | 12 km from naxos town
It is located at a distance of 12km away from Chora (Hora – Naxos town), near the village of Sagri. The Bazeos Tower is also called the “Timios Stavros” (“Holy Cross”) built around the 16th century. ...
Belonias tower
in excellent condition | 4.5 km from naxos town
The tower is one of the best preserved on Naxos, situated on a rise inland overlooking the sea on the way from Naxos Town to Glinado village travelling in the direction of Kastraki, a short distance from Galanado in the Livadi valley. ...
Crispi - Glezos tower
in good condition | in naxos town
It is located in the Castle of Chora, a few metres after entering it through the “Trani Porta” (Greek - Great door), on your left. It is the only one preserved of the estimated 12 towers of the medieval castle and what distinguishes it is its cylindrical shape. ...
Plaka tower
in ruins | 9 km from naxos town
Plaka Tower, also known as Paleopyrgos or Ariadne’s Tower, is a mere shadow of its former self. Most people haven’t even heard of this tower because it is located in an area from which only a few people pass by, but in its heyday it must have made an impressive sight. ...
Zevgolis tower
in good condition | 25.2 km from naxos town
Zevgolis Tower is built on a rock located close to the center of the village of Apiranthos on its main road. This impressive 17th century tower initially belonged to Kastri family and their coat of arms depicting a lion is on the lintol of the main entrance. ...

Naxos Towers and Castles

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