• Naxos Town, port

    visit naxos

    the largest of the cycladic islands

  • explore its history

    dating back to prehistoric times

  • Naxos, Agia Anna beach

    enjoy its beaches

    of turquoise colour

    and let the meditarranean sun caress your skin

  • Chalki village


    its traditional villages

  • Restaurants on Naxos island


    its glorious cuisine

    full of rich flavours and aromas

Useful telephones and information on Naxos

Greece code: +30 Naxos code: 22850

Health center of Naxos Town +30 22853 60500 (selection 2)
Health center pharmacy +30 22853 60631
Medical center in Apiranthos +30 22850 61206
Medical center in Filoti +30 22850 31404
Medical center in Halki +30 22850 31206
Naxos airport +30 22850 23292
Bus terminal (KTEL) +30 22850 22291
Taxi terminal +30 22850 22444
Post office +30 22850 61206
Police station (Naxos Town) +30 22850 22100
Fire Department +30 22850 3219
Port Authority +30 22850 22300
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How to get to Naxos

Travel to Naxos by ferry or plane
Travel to Naxos
Find out how you can travel to Naxos by ferry or airplane, depending on the season.

The highlights of Naxos

The beaches of Naxos

The secluding beaches of Naxos

More than 30 beaches !!!

Yes, it is true. The island of Naxos offers the greatest variety of beaches you could ever hope to find & endless opportunities for explorations.

The villages of Naxos

The traditional villages of Naxos

Traditional or modern Naxos villages, inhabited or abandoned, one thing is for sure, you won't ever get bored.

The various activities

Naxos activities

A wide variety of activities during your holiday

Taste new experiences during your holiday on Naxos. You may enjoy surfing, walking, snorkelling, sailing, horseback riding, cooking and so many more ...

Family holidays on Naxos

Naxos holidays

Naxos is mostly a family destination. It is ideal for families with small children.

Top Naxos Beaches Photos

The best beaches of Naxos
Naxos.net friends have selected the most wonderful photos of Naxos beaches. Have fun ...

the best of naxos

What's new (or old) on Naxos, from our blog articles.