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Naxian cheese

Section: Food | Posted: July 14, 2015

An island this may be but the variety of cheese to be tasted is pretty big if you consider that most places in the world specialize in only one variety. Naxos loves its cheese!

The four most popular and widely appreciated even for tourists are the varieties of:

- Arseniko, a type of hard salty cheese great for pasta or red wine produced on the island.

- Xynotiro, a hard cheese with a high fat content slightly sour taste best eaten crumbed on oven baked dishes.

- Xinomizithra, a soft white cheese with a slightly sour taste and a little salt to add to the flavor, really good on crackers and only available when fresh milk is produced.

- Graviera Naxou, a salty, medium hard cheese, fantastic in toasted sandwiches, and with red wine.

There are several more types since Naxos has quite large numbers of animals, but these tastes are best explored by visiting the areas they are specific to.

A little known fact is that Greeks eat more cheese than anyone on earth per capita and 40% more than their nearest consumers the French!!

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