Messi village

The land of wine and cheese on Naxos

Messi is a small, quaint village in the north-eastern area of the island situated 43km from Chora (Hora – Naxos town), on the main road between Skado and Apollonas. The traditional village has approximately 100 inhabitants most of whom are emery miners.

On the way from Messi to the village of Apollonas is the summit of Kalogeros (Greek - monk), with a castle atop that was inhabited from antiquity to the Middle Ages. You can also see the old castle From Mesi’s seaport, Agios Georgios.

Sights to visit in Messi are the renovated traditional olive oil press (called “fabrika” by the locals) and the Folk History Museum, housed in the old primary school. A monument of great importance is the Byzantine church of Agia Kiriaki, dating from the 16th century. The village has a centenarian plane tree (Greek - Platanos) next to a water spring as a landmark. The spring water has been dubbed “the elixir of youth” because the inhabitants of the village are noted for their longevity. A drink from this spring and a few bottles to go may prove this legend true… The area around this tree is also the venue of all the village’s social events. Messi holds its big religious feast of Agia Paraskevi on July 26.

In the greater region of Messi, there is a cave, the Drakondospilio (dragon’s cave), with stalagmites and stalactites to marvel at. The cave provided refuge for local people whenever pirates raided the island when piracy was rife.

The village produces high quality wine and a variety of very tasty cheeses which are well worth sampling.

Parking space is available in and around the village and there is a bus connection with Chora (Naxos town) once a day during the summer season.

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