Agios Prokopios village

The settlement along one of the best beaches of Naxos
Agios Prokopios village, Naxos

The coastal tourist resort of Agios Prokopios is situated some 5.7 kilometres from the town of Naxos (Chora). It is located at the centre of the western coast of the island, in a lovely natural environment along three salt pans, which also offers an excellent view both of the inland landscape and the sea. The village has about 250 permanent residents.

The visitors have many alternatives for accommodation in the settlement, and there are a variety of lodgings on offer along the beach. Here you can also visit the many taverns, cafés and bars with popular music, most of which are on the shore.

Apart from the pleasant view, the beach of Agios Prokopios is deemed one of the best organized beaches of the island where thick, coarse sand and crystal clear turquoise seas complete the picture. It is excellent for swimming, sunbathing and sea sports. The younger generation have made this beach one of their favourite choices.

At the village, you may want to visit Agios Prokopios, the tiny chapel after which the settlement was named. The well known tourist resort of Stelida is close to where this church is situated. If you visit “Kokkini Limni” (Greek - the red lake), you will be standing at a beach that used to be a salt pan. At this particular beach you may be lucky enough to see flocks of herons stop over to rest for a while, before continuing their flight to Africa.

If you are still in the area during the first days of July, make an effort to attend the local religious feast in honour of Agios Prokopios, which takes place on the 8th of July.

Access from the nearby capital of the island is very easy with frequent public buses and by taxi. You may also choose to rent a car or motorbike. Emergencies can be handled at the corresponding services in Naxos town.

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