Skado village

Mountainous in between lush vegetation

The village of Skado lies 38km from the town of Naxos (Chora) the capital of the island, right after the village of Koronos on the eastern road axis of Stavros Keramoti - Apollonas. It is one of the smallest traditional villages on Naxos, located on the slopes of Mt. Koronos and built in amphitheatric fashion surrounded by lush greenery. The population of about 120 residents live in beautiful two-storey houses that peep through a lush environment. There are quite a few abandoned houses along the narrow paved paths but all this changes in the summer when the village comes alive.

It is hypothesized that the name is derived from the numerous fig trees (Greek - Sykies) that surround the village. Skado is one of the emery producing villages of Naxos and inhabitants have shares in the mines they work. Until the Second World War, the village had not developed farming since its economy relied on mining. As a consequence, many people starved to death during the German occupation, when the mines were forcibly closed.

Among the sights worth seeing are the old olive-mill in the center of the settlement, the historical monument of the Greek War Resistance between the years 1941-1944, the folklore collection of Marigo Pittara and two Byzantine churches with many frescoes. During the 14th and 15th August the village becomes decidedly crowded. The 15th is dedicated to church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) which is one of the two churches built during the Ottoman occupation. For this celebration the village organizes festivities for these two days every year, offering food and local wine to all, while local musicians play.

Due to the narrow streets there is parking space for private transportation outside the village and a public bus service all year round, which is more frequent in the summertime at peak season.

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