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XXXXAgios Prokopios Naxos, where Ostria Hotel is located, is a small seaside settlement on the west side of the island, 5 km south of Naxos Town, opposite Paros. It is one of the most attractive resorts of Naxos that attracts thousands of visitors each summer.

The area was named after the picturesque chapel of Agios Prokopios, located at the entrance to the homonymous bay, and celebrates each year on July 8th.

The same area is also home to Alykes Naxos, which is the largest and most important wetland of the Cyclades, included in the Natura program.

However, what makes Agios Prokopios more attractive to the thousands of visitors that enjoy it every year is the famous beach: with a total length of 2 km, the beach of Agios Prokopios is rightly considered one of the best beaches of the Mediterranean, the 3rd best In Greece and is among the 10 best in Europe.

It is a beautiful golden sandy beach with coarse sand which inland ends in a series of sand dunes. The soft grainy texture of the beach extends far into the sea bed, and almost two miles wide, with a depth not exceeding 15 meters. Gentle underwater currents ensure the constant purity and clarity of its crystal waters; whose color is graded in all shades of blue and green.

As the bay is protected from the north, it is not affected by summer winds (the “Meltemia”), as is usually the case with the rest of the Cycladic beaches, consequently, bathers can enjoy an undisturbed swim.

Agios Prokopios beach is suitable for all ages and tastes and is also accessible to people with special needs. Much of it is organized with all kinds of amenities: umbrellas, deck chairs, snacks on the beach from adjoining establishments (La Trattoria), water sports and a privately run diving school.

However, due to its large size, the seemingly endless beach of Agios Prokopios, which extends both in length and width, has a hidden side. An equally large part of the beach, which is not so busy, has been left to its natural beauty for tourists without interventions. This place is for those who prefer more relaxed vacations, closer to nature, and here one can even practice nudism. In this way all tastes and requirements are served, and the beach of Agios Prokopios becomes an attractive selection for everyone.

The Ostria Hotel is located on the beach of Agios Prokopios, meaning right on the seafront and ensures a comfortable stay for its guests.

Various restaurants, such as La Trattoria, bars and cafes cater to the needs of holidaymakers. Agios Prokopios also has a range of facilities (regular bus stops, taxi rank, mini markets, bakery, pharmacy, small medical facility, beauty services, tourist shops, tourist agency, car and motorbike rentals) that make it an ideal tourist destination.

The continuation of the Agios Prokopios beach is the famous beach of Agia Anna.

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Accommodation distances

The measurments below depict the actual distances from the accommodation to the places described below via an existing road or pathway. The distances given are approximate, so there could be a slight difference.

Most important distances from our accommodation
- Distance from the airport: 3.3 km - Distance from hospital: 5.2 km
- Distance from the port: 5.7 km - Distance from the pharmacy: 50 m
- Distance from nearest beach: 0 m - Distance from the bus stop: 50 m
- Distance from Naxos Town centre: 5.5 km - Distance from nearest mini market: 60 m
- Distance from nearest food & beverage: 0 m - Distance from nearest super market: 5 km
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