Moutsouna village

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What's nearby

Moutsouna is a good 37km drive from Naxos Town. After reaching Apeiranthos, which is the highest point of the entire route, you get to drive along the magnificent Mediterranean scenery, overlooking the eastern coastline and the neighbouring island of Donoussa.

If you already are at Moutsouna, then Azalas beach is only a short distance away. From Moutsouna, it is an easy drive to all the south-east beaches of Naxos, all the way to Panormos. So, it is a good opportunity to explore most of them and choose the one you like most. These beaches are Kleidos, Psili Ammos (Kanaki) and Panormos (Panermos). Access to them is by asphalt road and the coastline route is trully magnificent.

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