Psili Ammos beach

The cedar tree forest gives way to the sand dunes and the beach.
Psili Ammos beach, Naxos

The beach of Psili Ammos is the beach of the village Kanaki. Approximately approximately 44.2km from the main square of Naxos (Plateia Protodikiou) via Chalki, Filoti and Apiranthos,12 kilometres southwards from the village of Moutsouna. The long sandy beach of Psili Ammos which means “fine sand” in Greek, is situated at a cove on the eastern coast of the island. It will require a bit of driving since it is located some distance to the south-east of the town of Naxos (also known as Chora to the locals). This is a lovely beach in all respects and if peace and quiet is what you seek, you have it. It is also not an organized beach, and because of its seclusion it offers no facilities, no umbrellas or sun-beds for rent, but this is offset with fine sand and a crystal clear sea.

Getting there is quite easy since the recently constructed asphalt road has made access to the beach a whole lot easier than it used to be. Just before exiting the village of Kanaki, there is a sign pointing to the beach and for a distance of some 150m the road is too narrow for a car to fit, access can only be accomplished by motorbike or scooter or on foot so carrying too much is not an option unless you really need to.

From this spot you can let your eyes wander over a view of the open sea with the small island of Donoussa in the distance.

If you face any small emergencies Apiranthos which is 19 kilometres to the north-west of this the beach will provide most of your solutions but anything bigger than that you will need to get back to Naxos.

Access to this beach from Naxos town, the port and the airport is relatively easy by private or rented car and motorbikes. If you are at Moutsouna which is 8 kilometres to the North you may want to try getting to the beach by bicycle or by boat which is hired much like a taxi, make sure you tell the captain the time you want to get picked up.

Beach facts
Distance from Naxos town Approximately 44.2 km.
Beach type Fine grain sand
Beach amenities No umbrellas or sun beds available for rent.
Safety No Life Guard or First aid.
Suitable for All ages, families with children.
Access Access by car, motorbike. Infrequent bus service in the summer from the beach to Naxos town.
Road condition Asphalt road all the way. Narrow winding road after Apiranthos, extra driving care is necessary. Just before exiting the village of Kanaki there is a sign pointing to the beach. For the next 150m access can be made by motorbike/scooter or on foot. The road is too narrow for a car to fit.
Parking Parking is available on the main road.
Nearest beaches Moutsouna Beach, Panormos Beach
Ideal beach for those who seek isolation and those who love nature
Fantastic sand dunes and a lush cedar tree forest on the beach
No rooms and studios to rent
No umbrellas or sun beds available for rent
Vehicle hire is highly recommended

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