Moutsouna beach

Traditional and quaint, with a touch of 50s
Moutsouna beach, Naxos

Moutsouna used to be the port of Apiranthos on the eastern coast of the island which once was a busy export harbour when emery was in high demand. The emery train which transported the once valuable cargo of emery from the mines to this quaint little harbour was at its height, long, long ago. It has remained as is almost as a throwback in time since then and one can still see the cable car system and towers in place. In recent years, it has begun to develop as a tourist resort, due to its intrinsic beauty and its coves, which are to be found along the whole of the south-eastern coast as far as Panormos. This is one of the most charming section of Naxos.

Moutsouna has 2 separate small beaches, both with fine sand. The first beach is situated right in front of the seaside taverns and it is called Ai Giannis. The second beach follows next and it is named Tigani.

Only few accommodation facilities are offered at this scenic fishermen’s village. If you wish to stay there, book early enough; there are very few accommodation units comprising of rooms and studios to rent (no hotels there).

At Moutsouna you will find lovely taverns with a panoramic sea view right on the beach. In these picturesque seafront taverns you will find gorgeous dishes of the local kitchen and of course fresh fish. There are a few more a bit further away, ready to offer tasty dishes of local recipes.

Moutsouna is not an organized beach and therefore offers only a few facilities, available due to its proximity to the village. No umbrellas or sun-beds are available for rent, but the beach is really nice, reminding one a little of nostalgic times gone by, while lying on the beachfront and enjoying the crystal clear water of the sea. The view of the old port and the fishing boat is magical. Its shallow waters make it ideal for safe swimming. A relaxing sun-bathe together with a little eyesight seclusion and a tasty lunch or dinner will make your day.

The only way to access Moutsouna by vehicle from Naxos Town is via Apiranthos village. The total distance is 36.6km and the road passes from Chalki and Filoti villages. As you arrive at Apiranthos, just before entering the village, there is a sign to your right pointing towards Moutsouna. The road to Moutsouna is asphalt all the way. It gets really narrow and steep after Apiranthos, with some tight hairpin bends. You need to keep in mind that you have already reached an altitude of approximately 650m from which you need to descend to sea level within just 5km. So, please be careful and drive at low speed on the way down as well as the way up and make several stops to take the best shots ever. The drive is well worth the effort. If you decide to reach the beach by hired boat or yacht, the small port of Moutsouna is certainly available for mooring.

Local transportation is very sparse to this area, so visitors are advised to rent a car or motorbike. However, if you wish to stay there and not travel around, you may rely on the local transportation to get you there and take you back to the capital once your holiday is over. That will save you some expenses.

A Medical Centre is available at the nearby village of Apiranthos, at 11.2 kilometres, other than the hospital of Naxos Town of course.

You might want to investigate the old emery mines and the closest beaches to this are those of Kleidos beach approximately 12 kilometres away while Psili Ammos beach is approximately 8 kilometres away.

If you plan to visit Moutsouna on the basis that it will be an isolated and almost tourist free resort, you couldn’t be more wrong. Although during low and middle season the place is really quiet, with only a handful of tourists visiting, as the peak tourist season approaches the village becomes more and more active. That is mainly because Moutsouna is a must when holidaying on Naxos island and neither the distance nor the steep road prevents people from getting there.

Beach facts
Distance from Naxos town Approximately 36.6km via Chalki, Filoti and Apiranthos.
Beach type Fine grain sand.
Beach amenities No umbrellas or sun beds available for rent.
Safety No Life Guard or First aid.
Suitable for All ages, families with children.
Access Access by car, motorbike. Infrequent bus service in the summer from the beach to Naxos town.
Road condition Asphalt road all the way. Narrow winding road after Apiranthos, extra driving care is necessary.
Parking Parking is available next to Ai Giannis beach and close by at Tigani beach.
Nearest beaches Azalas beach (1.5km), Psili Ammos beach (8km), Kleidos Beach (12km),
Ideal beach for those who seek isolation (during low and middle seasons)
Lovely taverns with sea view and great food
Small beach in the village
Very few rooms and studios to rent
No umbrellas or sun beds available for rent
Vehicle hire is highly recommended

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