Orkos beach

The beautiful thick sand coves that form between Plaka and Mikri Vigla beaches
Orkos beach, Naxos

This beautiful sandy beach is the jewel of Naxos. It consists of two sections, a 700m sandy beach (right after Plaka) with trees along its entire shore and another of small coves of less than 100m length each, that form some sort of "private beaches" with thick sand in between sharp rocks.

Orkos beach lies between Plaka and Mikri Vigla beaches. This is an approximately 1 kilometre long beach with thick sand. At the beach of Orkos, just like at several other nearby beaches, one can enjoy wind surfing since it is among the most widely known surfing beaches of the island. As the hill of Orkos reaches the sea, the view from its gentle slopes, peeking out from between the cedars is breathtaking.

The fastest and easiest way to access Orkos is via the most recently constructed asphalt road that passes alongside the airport’s runway and connects Naxos Town with the southwest beaches. Orkos is just 10.5km away from the capital’s centre.

Another way to access this beach is via the asphalt road from Tripodes (Vivlos) village leading to Mikri Vigla, from where there is a short 1.5-2 kilometre dirt road of rather good condition, easily accessible by car or motorbike. This route is about 16.5km long. You will know you’re there because as soon as you reach the sea, you turn right, signs are everywhere, can’t miss it!

If you are already in Plaka or Mikri Vigla beaches, then walking is the fastest and most exciting way to get there. This way you get to see the entire coastline the best possible way.

There are several accommodation units in the area, most offering spectacular view of the Aegean Sea. To access food and coffee, you will need to make a short walk. The noisier more cosmopolitan resort of Mikri Vigla is close by and offers a wide variety of all tourists facilities such as accommodation, excellent taverns and many café.

Why choose Orkos beach

With so many options nearby, that provide a much greater variety of facilities and entertainment options, one has to wonder why choose Orkos in the first place.

Its strongest point would be its natural beauty, nowhere else to be found on Naxos. The combination of the sharp rocks that plunge into the sea forming these cute coves make Orkos the true gem of Naxos. With this being said, it is not hard to figure out that this beach is simply adored by nature enthusiasts.

The thick sand is its second strong point. You can simply lie on it without a towel or a beach mat. You will never get these tiny sand granules in your hair, your ears and other “sensitive” areas!

Thirdly, you will love its location. Although secluding, the beach is next to two of the most popular beaches on the island, Plaka and Mikri Vigla. So, it retains the characteristics that make it quaint but still it is close enough to the most important amenities.

Lastly, you will be amazed by the water clarity and its beautiful blue and turquoise pallet.

So, if you come to this beach it is only to enjoy the excellent sea and the nice sand, as well as lovely waves, ideal for the fans of windsurfing, who wish that the beach remains unharmed from tourist development and retains its uniqueness. The excellent view of the sea and the southwest coastline will be a memory to cherish for a very long time.

Beach facts
Distance from Naxos town Approximately 10.5 km via the airport road or 16.5km km via Mikri Vigla.
Beach type Thick grain sand
Beach amenities No umbrellas or sun beds available for rent.
Safety No Life Guard or First aid.
Suitable for All ages, families with young children.
Access Asphalt and earth road.
Road condition Good, easy to access by car or motorbike.
Parking Parking along the road.
Nearest beaches Plaka Beach, Mikri Vigla Beach
Orkos consists of a series of smaller secluding beaches
Several excellent taverns nearby at Mikri Vigla and Plaka (within a distance of approximately 1-2km)
Rooms and studios to rent with a great view
Vehicle rental is recommended
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