Plaka beach

The long, sandy paradise beach of Naxos
Plaka beach, Naxos

What used to be just a nudists' beach is now one of the most popular beaches of Naxos, retaining bits of its original character. It is still a favourite beach for nudists, who flock mostly off season but it also gathers families and couples, especially during high season, which “forces” the nudists to segregate off to the one end, towards the south of this long and splendid beach. Its main characteristic is the long and wide, white expanse of sand and the turquoise water.

Plaka can be accessed via the route that connects it with Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna beaches. It is asphalt road till you get to Agia Anna and a coastal dirt road of very good condition after that. There are also routes of approximately 9.6km via Agios Arsenios, 11.5km via Glinado to Agios Arsenios and 12.1km via Glinado, Vivlos from Naxos Town that will take you there.

There are many accommodation units of all kinds such as hotels, studios, apartments and rooms to rent. Most of them are small family owned units. There are only a few big Plaka hotels. In Plaka you will find many taverns, many of which offer excellent view and a great local cuisine, set along the beach of Plaka and with a panoramic view to Plaka and maybe Orkos and Mikri Vigla beaches. There is also no shortage of beach-front café-bars in the area, some of which bringing you your beverages and snacks on the beach.

The beach of Plaka extends for approximately 4 kilometres making it a very long beach. Only parts of it are organised so there are umbrellas and sun-beds along its considerable length. During high season it is quite busy but still quitter than Agios Prokopios or Saint George beach.

The nearest beaches are those of Agia Anna, Orkos and Agios Prokopios beach. One of the most common activities of Plaka beach patrons is beach walking. During summer, the beach looks like a busy highway with people going up and down, enjoying the sea water and the sand to the fullest. It is very common to notice people leaving their vehicles and walk the beach in search of the best place to swim. This quest can take them anywhere from a few metres to several kilometres away, even reaching the nearby beaches. There are so many things to do at Plaka beach that, according to its fans, you can spend the entire day there and never feel bored.

Beach facts
Distance from Naxos town Approximately 9 km.
Beach type Mixture or thick and thin grain white sand
Beach amenities Umbrellas and sun beds available for rent at specific areas of the beach
Safety No Life Guard or First aid
Suitable for All ages, families with young children
Access Asphalt main road leading to Agia Anna, earth road after that. Access by car, motorbike or taxi. Frequent bus service in the summer from Naxos town.
Road condition Asphalt road up to Agia Anna, earth road after that. Easy to drive by car or motorbike.
Parking Parking along the road is available in the area.
Nearest beaches Agia Anna Beach, Agios Prokopios Beach, Orkos Beach
Ideal beach for nudists, especially at its south part
Taverns with excellent view and great local cuisine most of them on the beach
Many accommodation units for rent (hotels, rooms, studios and apartments)
Umbrellas and sun beds available for rent at few parts of the beach

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