Stelida beach

Quiet with beautiful view
Stelida beach, Naxos

Alhtough Stelida beach is very close to Naxos Town and right next to the two most popular beaches of Naxos (Saint George and Agios Prokopios) it is not an obvious choice for most tourists. The reason must be its quiet nature and its limited amenities.

Most people who swim there come from the area's hotels, apartments and villas which have only recently been built and are consirered among the islands finest and most luxurious. The fact remains that Stelida gathers a certain type of tourists who appreciate nature more than beach bars and comforts.

Accessing Stelida by car is easy enough during low and middle season. During high season there might be a parking issue so it is best to leave your car far from the beach and walk. This is what many people choose to do who walk either a few hundred metres, from Agios Prokopios, or even several kilometres from Saint George and enjoy both a fantastic walk and a swim. Should you decide to do so, make sure you carry a bottle of cold water; you will most probably need it.

Stelida beach, Naxos island
Beach facts
Distance from Naxos town Approximately 6 km.
Beach type Sand and pebbles
Beach amenities Few umbrellas and sunbeds for hire
Suitable for Everyone, depending on weather conditions
Access By car or motorbike.
Road condition Asphalt road and earth road towards the beach.
Parking Road parking.
Nearest beaches Saint George beach, Agios Prokopios beach, Agia Anna beach

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