Grotta beach

Between Portara and Grotta settlement
Grotta beach, Naxos

Grotta is the Italian word for cave (grotto) which is where the beach got its name from.

It is located at the northern seaside of the main town Chora. This is a small bay strewn with a mixture of pebbles and some sand. It offers a unique view of Portara to the left, and Grotta’s new settlement to the right, perched on the hill. The Grotta location is where the Mycenaean city of Naxos, one of the Aegean region’s most significant, stood in ancient times. Some ancient remains can still be seen in the underwater area.

Due to its location and orientation, it is usually battered by the northern wind. This very fact will give you the best shots ever. But most of all, you will adore the strong sound of the big waves smashing on the sharp rocks and the beach pebbles, covering almost all other sound of the busy town.

There is a small parking along the beach.

Beach facts
Distance from Naxos town A short walk from the main square of Naxos (Plateia Protodikiou) to Portara.
Beach type Sand and pebbles
Beach amenities No umbrellas or sun beds available for rent
Safety No Life Guard or First aid
Suitable for Good swimmers mostly
Access Access by foot from Naxos town
Road condition Asphalt road all the way
Parking Public parking along the beach is available
Nearest beaches Vintzi beach, Saint George Beach
It is usually very wavy. When this is the case, extreme caution is advised.
Small beach with many rooms and studios to rent
No umbrellas or sun beds available for rent
No vehicle is necessary if you stay in Naxos Town

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