Apollonas beach

Enjoy the beach, the taverns, the café and the quaint small port
Apollonas beach, Naxos

Approximately 30 kilometres from the town of Naxos lays one of the most charming northern village beaches of Naxos Island. The ancient and small village settlement of Apollon has in recent years undergone quite a few tourist developments but has managed to remain quite secluded and quiet with only a few rooms to rent.

Due to its location, Apollonas beach (and the village) are quite often battered by the northern winds which makes it really hard to swim but offers a great view of the sea and an understanding of the ferocity of the Aegean. So, if swimming is what you want to do, it is best that you check the weather forecast first but for sightseeing, it is pretty awesome.

The main attractions of this area are the largest Kouros statue in situ in the Aegean island complex and the crystal-clear waters.

The route to Apollonas beach is best taken from Naxos Town to the village of Galini, then to Eggares and on to the tower of Agia and down to the fishing village’s beach. Most times the beach is quite isolated with taverns on the waterfront that serve a variety of fresh fish and very good meat dishes of local production.

Access to Apollonas beach is via asphalt road all the way into the village itself and is easily accessible by car or motorbike.

The closest locations to visit are Abram beach and the ruins of the tower of Agia.

Beach facts
Distance from Naxos town Approximately 30 km.
Road condition Asphalt road all the way to the beach
Beach type Sandy and pebbly.
Beach amenities No umbrellas or sun beds available for rent.
Suitable for All ages, families with young children.
Access Access by car or motorbike with local transportation once per day in summer.
Parking Limited parking is available near the small port.
During high season the village may be crowded as many buses with tourists visit it on a regular basis.
Few rooms to rent.
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