Ammitis beach

Between the Aegean and the island's fertile fields
Ammitis beach, Naxos

Approximately 10 kilometres from the Town of Naxos lays Ammitis, one of the most beautiful northern beaches of Naxos Island. The route to Ammitis beach is best taken from Naxos Town to the village of Galini, then to Eggares and on to Ammitis beach which is Isolated most times with very few resorts and taverns in Eggares.

Access to Ammitis beach is via asphalt road most of the way, except for a small part towards the end of the journey which is a dirt road and which is easily accessible by car or motorbike.

It is what one might call “a place to relax”; an ideal beach for those who seek isolation. The beach itself is not organised which means no umbrellas or sun-beds available for rent. The beach is sandy and stretches for nearly 700m between the Aegean Sea and the fertile land of Eggares village.

Nearest places to visit are the village of Eggares and its neighbouring Galini which are the island’s bread basket since much of its agricultural production is centred there and has some really good taverns that use this tasty local produce.

The closest beach to Ammitis beach is Abram Beach.

Beach facts
Distance from Naxos town Approximately 10 km.
Beach type Sandy with small pebbles
Beach amenities No umbrellas or sun beds available for rent.
Safety No Life Guard or First aid.
Suitable for All ages, families with young children.
Access Local transportation once per day in summer. Own transportation is advised.
Road condition Asphalt road most of the way. Earth road for the last metres easy to drive by car or motorbike.
Parking Near the beach
Nearest beaches Abram Beach
The beach never gets crowded
Take some fresh water with you

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