Alyko beach

Cedars, rocks and sand ...

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What's nearby

Alyko itself is large enough and offers many options to Naxos tourists. It includes 4 beaches, most of which are quite long, so enjoying the whole of it will take at least 2 days. However, from Alyko it is easy to access Pyrgaki beach even on foot. There one can find a few taverns and café.

Another beach to access (due to its proximity) is Glyfada, a part of which, in fact, belongs to the Alyko peninsula. Oskelos Tower can also be accessed but it is a 3.5km distance to get there.

While at Alyko, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an excellent Greek cuisine in the area, in one of the area’s taverns who serve for lunch or dinner. Keep in mind that people drive all the way from Naxos Town just to eat there.

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