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Section: Holidays | Posted: February 17, 2016

Although I have already reached the age of 80, I find it very hard to stop travelling around the world. Greece had always been and still is one of my favourite holiday destinations. In Cyclades, the island I prefer the most is Naxos. Why? Because I firmly believe it is “elderly friendly”.

Most of its wonderful beaches can easily be accessed by the island’s excellent transportation. The busses depart from the port of Naxos Town. The bus terminal is right after the pier and the head office is hosted in a small cute home with the sign “ΚΤΕΛ ΝΑΞΟΥ” i.e. BUS OFFICE in english, written on its blue tent.

I’ve been to Naxos twice so far. Both times, I chose to stay in the capital, in the wonderful Naxos Town hotels, believing that it would be easier for me to travel around the island. I had no intention of renting a car and the local transportation solved all my getting around issues. During my first visit, I stayed at a wonderful hotel in the historic Castle of Naxos Town. I loved the feel of it and its atmosphere; it really felt as if I was actually back in the Renaissance, walking its alleys and taking photos of its mansion houses.

Next year, I chose to search for accommodation by the beach. Saint George hotels was a great option. My room was spacious enough wit a small balcony and no sea view (I got lazy and made my booking too late). Each morning I would wake up at 5:30, have a quick coffee at my room and then, at around 6:00, go out for a walk from the beach of Saint George till the pier of the port. That is no less than 1.5km, just to get there. It was a wonderful walk as I was fortunate enough to watch the sunrise every morning. I also used my tablet to get some great photos of the sun rising from the Aegean Sea. After returning, it was breakfast time. Saint George beach offers such a great variety of places to eat breakfast while your feet touch its grey sand. Breakfast there lasts for hours. You can leave all your stuff on a chair early in the morning, have your breakfast, enjoy your swim and then continue with a cold beer and a meze. The tiny small fish the locals call “atherina” is so delicious I just couldn’t get enough of it. I even had some ouzo instead of beer, it was even better only a bit strong. But, with lots of ice and a bit of cold water, it was the most refreshing drink of the day.

In the afternoons, I took the bus for the nearest beaches, Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna and Plaka. During my Naxos holiday, I was lucky enough that it had no wind at all and the beaches were calm. I was able to enjoy swimming every day without having to worry about safety at all.

For 2016, I am planning to visit Naxos once again, for 3 weeks. Island hopping is a great way to explore the nearest islands without spending a fortune. Delos, Mykonos and the Small Cyclades (not all of them!) is my next year’s goal, just small daily trips in the majestic Aegean Sea and its island gems.

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